I am delighted to welcome you to our updated website in my new role as Head of School at Hardwick Middle School.

Having worked as a member of the Senior Leadership Team at both Hardwick and King Edward VI School over the past three years, I feel proud and privileged to have been appointed as Head of School. I am looking forward immensely to working with all the students, our superb team of staff, with Governors and with you – our parents – to building on the recent achievements of the school.

My role will focus relentlessly on keeping up the momentum of high quality teaching and learning, of creating great opportunities for all our students, and helping all of them to achieve the highest standards, as well as to develop all the other skills they will need as citizens of the twenty-first century.

In the coming weeks you’ll notice more communication from us about what’s happening at school, lots of exciting new opportunities for students arising out of our close partnership with King Edward VI School, and a real sense that this is a school that works closely with parents and carers to challenge, engage and motivate every one of our students.

Here’s to the new term,


Rachel Forward
Head of School
1 September 2014